Change the world

The unanticipated coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has presented the HoC, and the University, with an opportunity to take forward its work in a direction that it could not have predicted. This urgency, dictated by the pandemic, requires the HOC to prioritise its participation in the response of the University to the COVID -19 pandemic.

It is through this repurposing and work done in the Community Convergence Workstream (CCW) that a HoC model, unique to the University, is emerging.

The following model, Beehive 2.0, is developing, through organizing and facilitating the coordination and management of the work of the CCW.


HoC: Emerging Beehive Model 2.0.


Complementing the CCW engagement, is research relating to how the University’s mandate of community engagement is taken forward in response to COVID-19. The Research focuses on both the activities of the University and the CCW as it responds to the idea of community engagement arising from the pandemic, and on wider sources of information about the pandemic and the approaches taken by universities more generally in concert with their communities.

The Research is exploring the following questions:

  • What is the best way to think about the objectives, ideas and practices of community engagement for the university, when faced with unanticipated events like COVID-19?
  • How are the activities related to such engagement planned and organised?
  • What is the best way to ensure the participation of the various units and entities of the Engagement and Transformation Portfolio staff, students and the communities of the university, during these processes of engagement with them?
  • How do learnings from these engagements inform and enhance community engagement and its scholarship?