Change the world

At a conceptual level, the purpose of HoC is to explore an approach to an epistemically reimagined process of engagement between the University and its communities. This process will, ab initio, seek to ensure the effective participation of ‘community’ in developing the exploratory processes for the purpose. The HoC’s strategic priorities are the following:

  1. To purpose and position the HoC, to explore reimagined processes of engagement between the University and its communities.
  2. To facilitate the emerging University principle of Convergence, as a feasible option for reimagining the University in ways that will allow itself to be transformative and responsive.
  3. To act as the space that seeks to complement the drive for social inclusion and cohesion in response to the grand challenges of society, through practice and in support of the University’s stated vision, mission, and objectives.

Strategic Objectives

  1. To conduct research that develops an understanding and clarification of the approach to the co-construction of knowledge, by developing a comparative theorisation of the relationship between University and community in the production of engaged knowledge; and applying the theorisation above to advance the reciprocal interests of the community and University;
  2. To actively engage with faculties, centres, units, ‘communities’, etc. about the implications of research conducted, for the development of their programmes in research, teaching, and learning; and engagement;
  3. To support existing projects across portfolios of the University, and create the space for the co-construction of an institutionally coherent intellectual project with practical aims that support, enhance and demonstrate the attributes of a transformative responsive university;
  4. To stimulate the interface and relation between the scholarship of engagement, teaching and learning, and research in the University and beyond, to advance the objectives of the University’s transformation focus;
  5. To contribute to collective learning through sharing emerging knowledge in different forms of outputs, that are socially accessible through multiple platforms;
  6. To weave the emerging societal lessons (socio/politico/economic) inherent and resultant from the COVID-19 pandemic into the strategic orientation of the HoC;
  7. To supervise Masters, Doctoral, and post-doctoral students in fields relevant to engagement and transformation.

Conceptual Development: Beehive Model 1.0

The "Beehive Model" illustrates the HOC's 2020 operational plan, which is informed by various iterative engagements with internal and external stakeholders - as diagrammatically represented below: