Change the world

The Hubs of Convergence (HoC), proposed by the Vice-Chancellor, is a University project located within the Engagement and Transformation Portfolio (ETP).

The HoC seeks to complement the work of the ETP, Faculties, entities, units, and 'communities' as it contributes to positioning Nelson Mandela University as a “dynamic African university… generating cutting-edge knowledge for a sustainable future”. The HoC is a physical space of exploration of this positioning/re-positioning around the engagement/transformation interface, conceived in the form of the transformative/responsive university, as a feasible and doable option for reimagining the university in ways that question its present dominant character and orientation. Being in service of society is at the heart of this re-imagination.

Our emerging praxis therefore, further seeks to contribute and inform the debates around the transformation of our institution to become a responsive partner to the big issues confronting our society.


The Concept of Convergence

‘‘Convergence’ relates directly to one of the key elements of the development trajectory of the University. It resonates with the University’s stated values, and it conveys the sense of people from all walks of life and backgrounds converging for a common purpose on an equal basis, to help solve pressing societal issues.


We envision the HoC to be a collaborative multi-stakeholder space of exploration for the positioning and re-positioning of the engagement and transformation interface, as a feasible and doable option for reimagining our institution as a University in service to society.


Our mission is to strengthen the positioning of engagement and transformation as a strategic priority for the University to respond to the grand challenges of society by complementing, facilitating, supporting, and developing engagement related work, research and learning and teaching.

Organising Principles

* The word community is placed within inverted commas because until its proper identification in practice, i.e., for practical purposes and relative to a project within an identified community, the ‘community’ referred to will always be provisional. The very nature of the HoC research exploration is about this issue.